The Top Slot Jackpots and Winning Tips

For most if not all gamblers, the word jackpot invokes the aspect of an online casino experience - the dream of winning a life-changing amount of cash in a single hit. While this is possible (as a matter of fact, many players have won massive amounts of money over the last decades), there is so much more to the best slot jackpots than meets the eye.

What are Slot Jackpots?

The term 'slot jackpots' refers to the top prize won via playing a slot title. A game site offers a jackpot on a specific game, meaning every player taking part in that particular title has a chance to win a huge sum.

Popular Online Slot Jackpots Types

The task of identifying the best slot jackpot is always daunting given that it's a highly subjective matter. What works for one player may not work for another depending on the preferences, gaming style as well as the game's volatility.

That said, here are the different types that you'll come across to help you decide which works best for you.

  • Local Jackpots:This type comprises of bets made by players at a specific betting operator. Whilst a certain title may be made available at a number of casinos, the prize pot at each will be formed exclusively from wagers made at that particular operator. Therefore, these are usually smaller and accumulate slowly.
  • Network or Pooled Jackpots:This particular type is made up of wagers across all game sites that host the game in question. Usually, the prize pool is fed by a certain percentage from each bet placed in the casino within the network. As you would have guessed, the prize here is much bigger and accumulates at a high rate.
  • Fixed Jackpot:Just as the name indicates, it's the only type that doesn't grow or fluctuate. Games with a fixed jackpot provide the chance to win a fixed amount of money during gameplay. Normally, the feature is built into the game and doesn't depend on wagers from other gamers, local or otherwise.

One last thing to remember is that wins on any slot title, jackpot or regular games, are strictly determined by what is referred to as a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a computer component integrated into all online slots that ensure you get the same odds for each spin.

Features for Slot Games

Slot Jackpots are quite similar to other games apart from their massive payouts. For instance, they'll have similar bonus features and reel structures. Additionally, players get free spins, wilds, re-spins, frozen symbols and scatters, which go a long way towards helping you hit a winning combination effortlessly. Slot providers are constantly adding new game features not only to help you win but also to enrich their thrill.

The Best Slot Jackpots Strategies

Some folks might argue that having a strategy is pointless in jackpots. To some extent, that's true - given that the RNG ensures that all players have an equal winning chance. However, there are several factors that help minimize your losses.

  • Stick to your budget:Always make sure that you only play with what you can afford to lose. You would do well to set a loss limit per session or weekly basis. Once this limit is reached, call it a day.
  • Learn about your games:It's wise to learn about your title of choice before getting your feet wet - get to know about the volatility, paylines, and bonus features among other things.
  • Watch out for bonuses and Promotions:Most online casinos always come up with new bonuses. They'll promote their progressive slot jackpots and offer free spins as incentives to enjoy their titles. Therefore, keep an eye on such offers as they could give you the much-needed boost.

Top Progressive Slot Jackpot Wins

You'll come across a number of slot jackpots that have been won by players across the world at top online betting operators, some of which are listed below;

  • Mega Moolah Mega - €18,915,721
  • Mega Fortune - €17,860,868
  • Jackpot Giant - $12,305,243
  • Arabian Nights - €8,635,872
  • Joker Millions - €7,831,370

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